Registration Information

The CASCADE  CHORALE is a one credit class at COCC. Tuition is the current rate for a one credit class. Registration is generally completed at the first rehearsal of each term. Potential members need to contact Director James Knox (email link below) to be approved for registration.

2019 WINTER Term for Chorale begins

and ends

January 15th

WINTER TERM: Rehearsals start Tuesday, January 8, 2019,  7:00 pm, in Pence Hall, Room 228 (Bend campus). Registration begins at 6:30 p.m.

REGISTRATION: We will begin registering folks for the new term on January 8th and continue through January 15th. Please plan to register on the 8th so we have most of the registration work completed early on. Registration on Tuesday evening usually takes place at the tables at the back of the rehearsal room. Please come early, like 6:30, to register, pick-up your music, and be ready to sing at 7:00. Bring your checkbook to make life easy for our registration volunteers.  See our Fees page.

Check your calendars now to make sure you will be able to sing in all concerts as well as consistently attend rehearsals through March 17th. It isn’t fair to the group to commit to singing and then not come to rehearsals on a regular basis. If you have any questions about rehearsal absences, please talk to Jim.

CONCERTS: The concerts will take place March 16th & 17th in Bend.

Thanks for your attention and hope to see many, many of you on January 8th.

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