Who’s Who ???

Jim Knox,  email

Music librarian:
June Krol, soprano

Piano accompanists:
Arloa Carvall, Eileen Seelye

Concert attire and costuming:
Evelyn Donaldson  email

Stage manager:
position open

Cascade Chorale Association members:
Debbie Cole, Alto, President
Fred Couzens, bass, Vice President
Alysia Mojica, Secretary
Pendra Surette, alto, Treasurer

Mark Hickman, tenor, Finance
June Krol, soprano, Music Librarian
Evelyn Donaldson, alto, Concert Attire
Anita Reed, alto, Program
Abbie Fritz, alto, Special Activities
Barbara Rich, soprano, Communications
Marilyn Elliott, soprano, Fund Raising

Jim Knox, Director
Christian Clark, Director

Email box: cascadechorale@gmail.com
Facebook® page: Carolynn Stoops, soprano

Website: Dale Thoreen, tenor

Interested in participating on the Association or any other volunteer work? Please see Abbie or Jim or any board member; and THANKS!!!