Bring your checkbook (NO CASH, PLEASE) and a black three ring binder and a pencil to the first day of class! (Registration information available here.)

One credit tuition+fees at COCC: $125.75 (plus $25.00 Application Fee if first-time COCC student). Please register/pay online at cocc.edu! Then just sign up on our roster when you get to class to get your music.

(One credit + fees: $109.00 + $1.50 + $0.25 + $15.00=$125.75)

Students 65 years of age and older are eligible for a tuition waiver.  Review the 65+ Tuition Waiver policy to see if you can benefit, then apply at the Chorale registration event (first class meeting.)  NOTE: Returning 65+ singers (who’ve already registered as 65+) only need to bring their checkbook! Easy peasy!

(65+ waiver fees: $1.50 + $0.25 + $15.00=$16.75)

New to COCC? We can help you through the process. We’ll have an additional form for you and there is a one-time $25 application fee.

Click here for COCC Registration Form (fill out top portion, sign and bring to class)

Concert Attire

  • Please stay tuned for announcements at the start of term.


Sheet music:

  • loaned from the Chorale, to be returned at last concert

Break-time refreshments at rehearsals:

  • donations appreciated

Other items as per course syllabus